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Prime Logistics Partners - Freight Payments

Arizona Customs Brokers recommends and endorses Prime Logistics Partners for Freight Payments.

They believe in doing things right the first time. It's not merely a matter of principle - it's the way they save their clients money.

Zero Balance Freight Payment

Freight bills are a tremendous cost to all companies, regardless of size. Most freight payment firms require you to issue payment on a monthly basis, based upon a "predicted" freight cost. Prime Logistics Partners believes your money should stay in your hands for as long as possible. Their "Zero Balance" plan enables you to know exactly how much your weekly freight expenditure will be after each invoice for the week has been audited, tabulated, and accounted for. This way, your company does not tie up large amounts of capital that can be used elsewhere.

Paid Invoices

All invoices are returned to your accounting department, marked paid, with any corrections to the bill fully explained, in alphabetic order, saving your company countless man-hours per year. Reports are all printed in alphabetic and numeric order by company and freight bill number, greatly facilitating the reconciliation of your accounts.

Personal Check Identification

Their unique check writing system allows them to individualize their clients' identity. Prime Logistics Partners issues a check on your company's behalf, indicating your company's name and individual freight bill numbers being paid on each check. This ensures that the collecting company knows which bills are being paid, avoiding confusion and misappropriated funds.

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